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Acetone Rhythm Ace Samples

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Hi y’all! This oldie is a goodie. This baby drum macnhine has been the helper of A LOT of hammond-players throughout the years. Acetone Rhythm Ace has that vintage sound that really can set the interesting tone for your records. After their prototype the rhythm Ace R-1 was shown at the 1964 NAMM shw, Ace Tne released the Rhythm Ace FR-1. The first drum machine produced by circuit they called a diode matrix. It showed rows of pulses that would show the position of each instrument in the machine. It has 16 preset patterns and 4 buttons to manually play each instrument cymbal, claves, cowbell and bass drum. If the user pressed multiple buttons together it can play over 100 possible rhythm combinations. The Hammond Organ Company also sold the FR-1 presets into their organ models of the era.

What’s included?

Acetone Rhythm Ace sample pack consists of:

  • 1 Clave
  • 3 Basedrums
  • 7 Percs
  • 3 Snares
  • 2 Hi-Hats