Boss DR-110 Sample Pack

Boss DR-110 Sample pack

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This little beauty was introduced by Boss in 1983. It followed DR-55 and had a lot of new sounds and featured a cool LCD-screen. The DR-110 sample pack includes sounds are not as warm as the oldies from the 70s or 60s but it sure has some aggressive vibe. Download the sample pack here at!

What’s included?

Boss DR-110 sample pack consists of:

  • 4 kicks
  • 5 percs
  • 2 clap
  • 2 snares
  • + Cymbals

The history of the Boss DR-110

The following text is taken from In 1980, Roland introduced their first simple and affordable drum machine to bear the BOSS Dr. Rhythm brand (the DR-55), offering four sounds, an Accent and a limited number of programmable patterns. It was followed by the Dr. Rhythm Graphic (DR-110) in 1983, which offers a wider selection of sounds, preset patterns, an increased number of programmable patterns and the ability to chain patterns together to form songs. The simple step programming of the first Dr. Rhythm, with alternating button presses for notes and rests, is augmented by an LCD with a grid showing the individual notes in the current pattern. In addition to step programming there is also a “tap write” programming mode, albeit without a metronome click for timekeeping.