Boss DR-220A Sample Pack

Boss DR-220A Sample pack

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I love the snare and the toms of this Boss DR-220A Sample pack! The 80s vibe is very present and of course that’s understandable, just take a look at the design of the drum machine. If you’re looking for some tone and organic punchy sounds, this sample pack is for you. I especially will use the Snare which has become a personal favourite. Download the sample pack here at!

What’s included?

Boss DR-220A sample pack consists of:

  • 1 kick
  • 1 snare
  • 3 toms
  • + Cymbals & Hi-hats

The history of the Boss DR-220A

The following text is taken from The Boss DR-220 Dr. Rhythm is a series of two budget-priced digital drum machines developed and manufactured by Boss Corporation (a subsidiary of Roland Corporation) beginning in 1985. The DR-220 derives from the earlier DR-110 (1983) without rotary controls but the same LCD “matrix” display panel, a much simplified version of that used in devices such as the Roland TR-707.