Korg KR-33 Sample Pack

Korg KR-33 Free Sample Pack

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Another vintage classic! Korg KR-33 is one Korg’s first drum machines. Pattern based that lets the user to switch between 48 different combos. As the Korg KR-33 is the little brother of KR-55, the drum pack sounds a bit similar. From the user manual:

“Compared to conventional units, the KR-33 offers many more modern rhythms including rock, disco and pop. 48 varieties are possible, making this the most versatile rhythm machine in its class.”

The percussion sounds are very distinct and high pitched, while we’re loving the kicks sounds. The toms have a lot of tone. This sample pack is totally free to download from drumkito.com.

What’s included?

Korg KR-33 sample pack consists of:

  • 1 cowbell
  • 1 crash
  • 1 cymbal
  • 3 hi-hats
  • 2 kicks
  • 1 rim
  • 2 snares
  • 3 toms