Roland TR-55 Sample pack

Roland TR-55

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The Roland TR-55 is, apart from the TR-33, one of the first machines produced by Roland. Also known as the Roland Rhythm 55, the TR-55 machine originally had a lot of different rhythm patterns that accompanied the player. The preset rhythms were (like a lot from the same era): bossa nova, cha-cha, waltz, mambo, samba etc. Apart from the brother TR-33 this vintage sound pack has a lot of resonance, tone and overally a bouncy vibe. Especially the toms. Like the other machines from this era, these sounds will complement all music with the goal of creating retro/lo-fi music. Enjoy!

What’s included?

Roland TR-55 sample pack consists of:

  • 1 Clave
  • 2 Hi-hats
  • 1 Kick
  • 1 Rim
  • 1 Snap
  • 1 Snare
  • 2 Toms (Hi / Lo)